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Grange Hall #644 / Peter Feldmann

The Santa Ynez Valley Grange, #644, located in Los Olivos, has recently been reactivated as a chapter in the nationwide association of Granges, founded originally in the 19th century as a farmer's association..


The L.O. Grange Hall is a small, friendly venue in "downtown" Los Olivos, which is essentially a town of one block each direction from a central flagpole.  To reach L.O. from Santa Barbara, it's quickest to take State Hwy. 154 over San Marcos Pass, then turn left at Alamado Pintado Ave.  Drive to the flagpole, then proceed one half block.  The Grange Hall will be on your left, 2374 Alamado Pintado Avenue.

For access via US 101, take the Hwy. 154 exit at 5 miles N. of Buellton, then proceed 2 miles to Los Olivos.  Turn right, then right again at the flagpole to the Hall.