No cookie cutter templates, endless decks or pie in the sky innovation

Just Powerful Insights and Unique Digital Strategies

Why Lenz

Everything begins with perspective

At Lenz, we find that unique perspective/way in which your company can deliver differentiated value to the world and monetize this value.

The way we find it is also super cool. Strategy should be fun. We debate, we draw, we synthesize, we laugh, we play. We celebrate a difference in opinion and embrace unique perspectives. We draw from art, philosophy, science, technology and adapt the strategy as your company and situation needs it.

When you work with us, you will find that you can’t define us. We refuse to be boxed into a category. If that is difficult for you, you can think of us as your partners in the creation of value.

We guarantee that we will change your perspective and we will add value to your world.

(Our Projects)

Corporate Strategy Projects

Featured Case Study and many more


From insights to a complete digital nursery ecosystem supported by business models.

Creating Value : Starting with deep insights about the consumer, the product ecosystem and the business environment, Lenz consultants reshaped the meaning of a nursery for a Fortune 500 toy company and its consumers.

Monetizing Value : Lenz consultants also developed ideas for digital platform, apps, use cases and new business models in which the company could monetize value.

(Our approach)

At Lenz, we do not subscribe to a single method or process.

However, you will find that there are some common denominators in our way of thinking that becomes our core competency and these run though the fabric of most projects we do.


A 2-day intense and fun strategy workshop with creativity, debates, alignment and soul searching that guarantees your minimum viable strategy in 48hrs.

Perspectives & Strategy

Conversations & Strategy

Sketch & Strategy

From Digital Platforms to AI Strategy

You are unique in your core competency, your history, your values, your customers and your place in the ecosystem.

We develop your custom digital strategy by finding the common thread from the physical connected world to the cloud, platforms, data and AI world

(Our Services)

Lenz Featured Partners

We have handpicked a select group of companies and individuals with specialized skills to partner with us

From Anthropologists, MBAs, Artists, to Data Scientists, Lenz has developed deep relationships with select individuals in order to bring diversity of thought into our projects.

(Our Contribution)

The Lenz DNA extends into the philanthropy work we do. At the end of the financial year, we will support organizations that work towards celebrating the development of independent thinking and the endurance of human spirit.


Brightworks is a community that strives to create an innovative hands-on learning experience for students based on depth of inquiry, collaboration through trust and creativity. They use real tools, real materials, and real problems to encourage students’ love of learning, curiosity about the world, ability to engage, tenacity to think big, and persistence to do amazing things.Lenz plans on donating to the scholorship programs at Brightworks at the end of 2019.

The Founder

Arvind is a Business Innovator whose methods are at the intersection of hard hitting business strategy and creative design thinking. He spent 3 years at Berkeley Business School, 2 years heading strategy at a leading design thinking firm and 8 years in corporate strategy working with C-suite executives.

Arvind’s strategies are differentiated since he digs deep to find the truth in any situation and brings to surface powerful insights that are missed by many. He approaches every project with an open mind and allows the customers, the market, the executives vision and the company dynamics to inform strategies. His open minded approach allows him to work with diverse individuals and find unique insights. He is not shy to tell you that you are heading down the wrong path or share his views on how you can shape the world.

Arvind’s product management background allows him to ground his strategies in strong business fundamentals. He understands the company’s pains of bringing a product to market.

Arvind got his MBA from UC Berkeley and his MSc in EE from Clemson University. He founded a nonprofit called Oxygen that promotes learning for MBA’s post business school.